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Finding the right numbers for myelodysplastic syndrome

Inga Mandac Rogulj, MD, Clinical Hospital Merkur, Croatia

5 March 2019

Assessment of Quality of life should be part of patient care in patients with MDS

Ass. Prof. Reinhard Stauder, Inssbruck Medical University, Austria

18 December 2018

Seed and soil: the challenges of MDS treatment

Dr. Rena Buckstein, Sunnybrook health sciences centre, Canada

17 May 2018

I’m gonna lay down my burden …

Bergit Korschan-Kuhle, MDS patient, Germany

28 February 2018

Still CARPE DIEM - a patients perspective on transfusions

Bergit Korschan-Kuhle, MDS patient, Germany

5 October 2017

Importance of geriatric assessment of MDS patients at diagnosis

Corien Eeltink, nursing specialist hematology, VUmc, Netherlands

31 August 2017

MDS patients speak out

Patrick Festy, Connaitre et combattre les myélosdysplasies (CCM)

11 April 2017

Can MDS specialists review (and help) more MDS patients please?

Professor David Bowen, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, UK

21 March 2017